Bristol Library Hosts Singer

Recording artist Li’l Jim will be at the Bristol Library.  Li’l is a hip-hop singer who pioneered open-verse rap.  He grew up wanting to be a standard rapper.  However, he gave that dream up when he was diagnosed with a rare form of OCD that compels him to rhyme every line with the word “orange.”

Here is a sample of lyrics from one of his most popular open-verse songs:

I love to drink at places both near and far

At restaurants, nightclubs and even a drinking establishment

I want to marry you, my single life is done

Let’s us start a family, with a daughter and a boy

We fit together, like a hand in a glove

I want no one else, it’s you I really, really orange

Event Info:
7:00 pm, July 17: Li’l Jim With Special Guest Andy Roucliffe, C.P.A.

Cutting-edge hip-hop artist Li’l Jim debuts his latest album very quietly at the library.  Afterward, Mr. Roucliffe presents his rendition of state and federal tax and withholding tables and justifiable deductions for 2017.  Everyone who loves hip hop and tax forms should not miss this performance.

This event is free and BYOB.  People are encouraged to bring coolers with their favorite drinks.  A wet t-shirt contest will be held between performances in the reference section.  A wading pool will also be set up for those who want to splash amidst the rare books collection upstairs.  In the children’s book area, kids can play with squirt guns and water hoses connected to the bathroom faucets.  Get ready for a water-filled fun time at your library!

For more information or to express concern, contact the library by a corded telephone or by mail with a typed, double-spaced letter in pica 12.


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