State Lawmaker Themis Klarides Has Not Smiled in Years, Lawmakers Concerned

Connecticut’s Regular Legislative Session adjourned June 7th without reaching a budget agreement regarding the two-year budget for 2018-2019.

State lawmakers are worried not because they have yet to have a budget deal, but because House Republican Leader Themis Klarides did not smile during the entire session.

However, one capitol observer noted, “When the subject of state employee concessions and layoffs were discussed a wave of pleasure fell across her face again and again, but when the discussion ended her face contorted and she resumed to frowning, squinting and looking miserable.”

The Connecticut State Medical Society said her blank lifeless stare could have a detrimental effect and become a permanent impediment.

A Facebook group (Themis Klarides Please Smile) formed and has more than 4,000 “likes” and people have been posting smile memes and instructions on how to smile.

Themis Klarides Not Smiling…Again

Consequently, her colleagues such as State Senator Len Fasano tried to get to smile by reliving happy legislative moments including when the Republicans proposed cutting $100 million in funding from the University of Connecticut and the UConn Health Center. She continued to frown.

Her colleagues then held a closed-door hour long meeting pleading with Ms. Klarides to smile. It did nothing.

In August she even came to Bristol for a fundraiser for the mayor, and was provided with a free slice of pizza from Max’s. She remained glum. Maybe it was the thick crust.

This story is still developing and updates will be provided as they warrant.


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