Walking Tours of Academy Street

December 31, 2015
Academy Street

Academy Street

The Forestville Tourism Association provides walking tours of Academy Street, the last Sunday of every month at 3 p.m.

“I show them both stop signs, the fire hydrants and the sidewalk; the cracks too if there is time. It’s a lot of fun!” said Heather Ross, one of the guides.

Looking south.

Sometimes the cracks are discussed.

Academy Street is one of Forestville’s oldest and trusted roads. The street is in good shape and has shown to have dependable topography making it a driving and walking favorite.

Additional sites featured are the trees lining the sidewalk, the grass and the telephone poles that adorn both sides of the roadway.

Tickets are 5 bucks for adults 4 bucks for children under the age of one. Residents of Academy Street can do the tour for free provided they show a lease agreement or a deed to their property.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Forestville Tourism Association or the Forestville Historical Society.

Academy Street Voted Happiest Street in Readers Poll

November 17, 2014


Academy Street

Academy Street

Blessed with lush green trees and plenty of man-made splendor (street lights, sidewalks and good pavement) Academy Street was voted the happiest street in Forestville by residents.

It is not uncommon for motorists driving along Washington Street or Church Avenue to be in a dour mood, but upon directing their vehicles on to Academy Street to be suddenly awash with joy and happiness and a constant smile on their face too.

Forestville’s happiest roadway boasts three entry points by road and offers commercial and residential properties as part of its magical and blissful beauty.

Academy Street’s vistas to the south end most notably include the green, the train tracks and the Pequabuck River.  While to the north it is a glimpse of Washington Street.

The poll was conducted by the Forestville Tourist Association’s in-house newsletter.