This Day in Forestville History

January 28, 2016

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Today in Forestville History:


We're gonna get you!

We’re gonna get you!

Run Like the Wind, a member of the Tunxis Indian Tribe and a trusted member of the tribal council, resided in Forestville but took up residence in what today is called Southington. Outraged rival tribal members called for his resignation from the Tribal Council because his new wigwam was outside their boundaries.

Their request was denied.


Two angry forgotten Forestville politicians

Angry and forgotten

Citing transparency in government, two mean spirited politicians from Forestville, reportedly traveled to Alaska to investigate the lands that would be purchased from Russia. They got lost in the cold, barren territory and were never seen or heard from again.


Artist rendering of Delwyn Chubble

Artist rendering of Delwyn Chubble

Wanting to simply set the record straight and clarify matters for the voters in the district, Delwyn Chubble a Forestville resident asks a female candidate for Town Council, “Are you currently menopausal?”


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