Local man gets a date, hopeful he will get some

January 3, 2009
Tunxis Community College, Farmington, Connecticut

Tunxis Community College, Farmington, Connecticut

Carl Brewer, a 23 year old Forestville resident has a date Saturday night with Mitzy Adler of West Hartford.  Mr. Brewer, a student at Tunxis Community College and Miss Adler a student at the University of Connecticut, met at a UCONN basketball game last month, sources said.  Brewer plans a night of pizza and bowling with Miss Adler, and if all goes well they will return to his parent’s home for a nightcap.  “My mom and dad will be away on a ski trip for the weekend so I have the place to myself,” said an excited Brewer. 


Ms. Adler is a woman of function and purpose and was not as excited “He’s cute but there is a reason he goes to community college.  We’ll see what happens.”