Community Calendar for January 26-28

January 26, 2018

Here is the listing of events scheduled in Forestville for this weekend:

DATE: Friday January 26, 2018
EVENT: Learn the Proper Way to Cut Out Coupons

CATEGORY: Class/Workshop
LOCATION: Manross Library
TIME: 10-12
SUMMARY: Is it the scissors or the technique? Find out for yourself at the Manross Library on Central Street. World renowned couponer Milly Fescal will provide helpful tips INCLUDING the perils of cutting the bar code.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Scissors, coupons, binder clips, accordion folder, staple gun, drafting table, two Ticonderoga Woodcase pencils #1, protractor, ball-peen hammer, stationary band saw and two hands. If you don’t have two hands the stationary band saw is not necessary.

DATE: Saturday January 27, 2018
EVENT: Explore the Wonderful World of Kale with Chef Jean-Claude Beauteau

CATEGORY: Class/Workshop
LOCATION: Manross Library
TIME: 10-2
SUMMARY: Chef Jean-Claude Beauteau will show you how to add Kale to anything such as dry food and soda.

Companion class/workshop
The Wonderful World of Freezer Food and The Wonderful World of Canned Food.

Arrive early because parking is limited

DATE: Sunday January 28, 2018
EVENT: How Not to Get Caught Speeding Through Residential Neighborhoods

CATEGORY: Class/Workshop
TIME: All Day Event
LOCATION: Manross Library Parking Lot
SUMMARY: Learn how to drive fast through neighborhoods with legendary local speedster AJ Gord (27 speeding tickets in a five year period). Mr. Gord espouses, “Good neighborhood roads are hard to find for speeding so when you finally do it’s nearly impossible to drive the speed limit! Yeehaw!”
Sponsored by The National Speeding Association.


All Combat Boot Yoga classes scheduled for Friday and Saturday are canceled.

The Cutest Kid Dressed as a Meatball Photo Contest scheduled at Peck Park Saturday is canceled

Dryer lint collections will continue throughout the weekend.


June 6, 2016


Five-Year Old to be Honored at Rockwell Park


A commemorative plaque will be erected at Rockwell Park in honor of five-year-old Danny Johnson for successfully completing 100 trips down the twisty slide at the playground. Today’s ceremony will start at 12pm and run until nap time at 12:30 today.

Parade This Saturday

An inclusiveness parade will be held this Saturday in downtown Bristol starting at 10 a.m. The parade will honor and celebrate everyone and everything.

All participants in the float and band competitions will receive first-place medals and entry into the band competition will not require knowledge of how to actually play a musical instrument.

The parade will begin at Oakland and Wooding Street and end a block later at Judd or whenever participants feel like stopping.



The Bristol Agoraphobes support group has rescheduled its first meeting at the Manross Library to this Thursday at 9pm.

This marks the 27th time the group has tried to meet. It is hoped those who signed up for the group will be able to show up this time.

A support group for compulsive burglars has canceled their meeting at their halfway house formerly located on Maple Street.

The cancellation happened as a result of their computers, furniture and house being stolen sometime last week. The leader of the group, Dr. Michele Joiner announced that she will begin the search for a new location once the police locate her car.

Cat Show

On the 20th, the Cat Appreciation Society will host their annual Cat Show. Cat owners are invited to register and participate in several categories including Strangest, Most Stand-Offish and Most Colorful Coat. Cats will also be allowed to participate in the event.

The highlight will be the cat obedience trials. It is hoped this year a cat will actually win.

February 5, 2016



Coins Stolen by Leopold Antek


Leopold Antek subtly stole coins from unsuspecting friends for over 20 years and the resulting collection will be on display at the Forestville Social Club this weekend.

The exhibit consists of over 4,000 coins personally stolen by Mr. Antec, which he calls his life’s work, are in various denominations and currencies.

The event is sponsored by the Garner Correctional Institute in Newtown, Connecticut, where Leopold Antek is currently an inmate.



Forestville resident and ghostwriter Hollis Quinn will appear at the Manross Library regarding his latest writing project.

Due to the confidentiality agreement, however, between Mr. Quinn, the publisher and the credited author, he will not be allowed to speak, sign autographs or pose for photographs.

Time unknown.

Refreshments will be not be provided.


Commuter Lot Day!


Join friends, neighbors and commuters for a fun filled day at the commuter parking lot on Todd Street. Swap stories about traffic congestion, commuting costs, carpools, vanpools and more. There will be plenty of activities and cupcakes too!

1PM to 3PM.

There is no admission fee as it is a free form event.


January 8, 2016


Things to do in Forestville this weekend.

* Friday

Learn how babies are made with world famous baby makers Helen and Gary Fergus.

Babies 01

This hands-on workshop will guide you through the basics with a live demonstration, tutorials, techniques and Q&A before, during and after.

The Spanish presentation will begin following the English presentation.

Registration required.
(The event is now full)

Refreshments available.

You can purchase the How to Make Babies Kit, which includes supplies, equipment, literature and a DVD for $29.95.

11AM-3PM Forestville Social Club

* Saturday

Canadian businesswoman Milly Fester brings her traveling sock exhibition to Forestville by train!

Cotton, synthetic, silk and wool. No show, low cut, ankle, knee-high, thigh high and crew. They are all here to see.

Due to track conditions, the train has only three display cars but visitors will be allowed to mingle freely about the train and view Milly’s socks.

Sponsored by the Forestville Department of Tourism.

Forestville Railroad Station 11AM-3:30PM

* Sunday

Marlon J. Murlow is The Delusionist

Marlon J. Murlow is The Delusionist

Was the D-Day invasion a hoax?
• Is the voice in your head you or someone else?
• Was Easter invented by a communist sympathizer to brainwash children on collectivism?

Find out Sunday 2PM at the Forestville Social Club as Marlon J. Murlow is The Delusionist. Half magician, half mind reader and half visionary and seer.

Are Shadow people following you?
• Is there a day of the week missing?
• Does poor grammar result in poor posture?

Find out Sunday 2PM at the Forestville Social Club as Marlon J. Murlow is The Delusionist. One third of his brain is clairvoyant the other third is not.

Do evil robots attack in the night?
• Why are opposing viewpoints welcomed but not encouraged?
• Is the Doomsday Clock affected by Daylight Savings Time?

Find out Sunday 2PM at the Forestville Social Club as Marlon J. Murlow is The Delusionist.

Part fake, part false and part lies.

January 1, 2016


* Friday
Mope Fest 2016

Mopey people unite.



Bring your long face to the Forestville Social Club for what organizers say will be a real brood fest. Pout, sulk, grouse and grumble all you like at the Forestville Mope Fest 2016.

The food will be bad, the surroundings terrible and the companionship worse. A brooders paradise!

There will be plenty of sour grapes for everyone.

7PM to 1AM Forestville Social Club
Tickets are still available.

* Saturday
Learn how to take a nap.

Receive tips from world renowned power napper Hirohito Tumasani in this intensive two hour workshop. Be the envy of your friends, family and co-workers!

Following the workshop, Forestville Historian, Lincoln Baines Cafey, will present evidence that the nap was invented in Norway, and was Norway’s only contribution to the Renaissance during the 14th century.

1PM to 3PM Manross Library
Tickets are still available.

* Sunday
Edward Clarkin Luncheon

Edward Clarkin

Edward Clarkin

Come one come all folks!

Beloved writer Edward Clarkin will be recognized by city leaders for his journalistic contributions to the community.

From reviews of restaurants to court judges Mr. Clarkin has dedicated his professional life to writing, journalism and integrity.

Congratulations Edward!

11AM to 2PM Nuchie’s
Tickets are still available.

Community Calendar

December 25, 2015
Community Calendar

Community Calendar

Things to do in Forestville this weekend.

* Friday
Baseball Hat Club Meeting

1) Roll Call
2) New members
3) Story time. Share your favorite baseball hat stories!

7PM Forestville Social Club.

* Saturday

The 2015 Miss Broad Street Beauty Pageant!

Who is Miss Broad Street? Competitors will arm wrester, change tires and drink whiskey to determine Miss Broad Street.

7PM Forestville Social Club

* Sunday

Forestville Procrastinators rejoice! It looks like Procrastinators Fest will finally happen at the Forestville Social Club or Nuchie’s or maybe St Joseph’s Polish Society Of Forestville. We’ll see.

Expected start time is 9AM. 10 AM if the booths are not set up, 11AM if not. Let’s hope the food arrives this year!

Community Calendar for December 19, 2015

December 18, 2015
Community Calendar

Community Calendar

Things to do in Forestville this weekend.

* Friday
Broad Street Appreciation Day


Good roads are hard to find so when you finally do it’s nearly impossible to contain your excitement!

Straddling the Pequabuck River, Broad Street is the Route 66 of Forestville and contains everything travelers and desperadoes covet and need. Come on down, take pictures, share stories and say thanks to Forestville’s road.

All weekend!

* Saturday
Christmas Lava Lamp Luminary Glow

The "Smitty" Lava Lamp Luminary Glow

The “Smitty” Lava Lamp Luminary Glow

Join local burnout “Smitty” in his basement for his annual Christmas Lava Lamp Luminary Glow.

Start time around 6PM, maybe 7; 8 if it’s been a tough day man.

* Sunday
Forestville Paper Clip Club, Open House

Get your fix of paper clips!

Get your fix of paper clips!

Learn everything you need to know about paper clips. Collect them; trade them or connect them. Big ones, little ones, red ones and blue ones. Anything goes!

1PM to 4PM
North Korean Social Club, Broad Street, Forestville
Kim Jong-un, Banquet Hall