New business in Forestville

December 30, 2009

The site of a new package store on East Main Street

The former location of Bank of America in the center of town (East Main Street) will soon to be a package store, pending approval of the all necessary permits.  Word on the street is that party goers, alcoholics, casual drinkers and drunks have been lobbying village leaders for another package store. God knows there are not enough of them in the area. No doubt this will be a boom of tourism.  We’re so lucky.

What does it say about us that a single book store cannot stay open or struggles to survive in the Forestville/Bristol area but package stores, which specialize in the sale of alcoholic beverages, flourish. 

Okay. Went of the reservation there for a bit. Feel better now.

I am sure the owners intentions are good and it will create 3 to 5 jobs. I’m just sayin is all.



The state of Connecticut makes the top 5

February 3, 2009
Connecticut state capitol, Hartford (file photo AB)

Connecticut state capitol, Hartford (file photo AB)

A recent study completed by the Bureau of Vital Statistics concluded that the state of Connecticut with its great moderate climate, four seasons, and numerous hills is one of the top five states in New England.


“Do you know what this means?  More visitors to Forestville,” said an enthusiastic Heather Ross, President of the Forestville Tourism Association.  “Sure, some states may have better schools, reduced liability costs, and lower taxes.  And other states may brag about highway projects that finish on time, lower gasoline taxes and less regulation but we have lots of trees.”  According to the report a key to Connecticut’s status is the fact that the leaves on their trees change color in the fall too. 


The states were graded on tourism, ecology, roads, environment, and taxes. 


The bureau made note that there are only six states in New England, but while naming Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts to the top five list, they did not publish the name of the state that did not make the list.  Sorry Rhode Island.  Oops, did I just do that? 


A spokesperson for Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell said she was thrilled with the report. 


Dirty snow banks get the ire of local official

December 27, 2008

Around the Village Today Part II Saturday December 27, 2008

One of Forestville's dirty snow banks

One of Forestville's dirty snow banks

I just bumped into Heather Ross, President of the Forestville Tourism Association (FTA) at the post office.  Forestville was blanketed with 14 inches of snow last week, and Miss Ross is upset about the dirty snow banks around the village.  “This is a blight issue.  The snow banks have gone from clean to dirty.  Outsiders believe we are a grubby people because are snow banks are so filthy.”


Ross would like to see corrective measures to clean the snow banks, “The Public Works Department does a….good….job but they could be doing more such as painting the snow banks white.  Midwestern states mix beet juice with brine to form a biodegradable brew that freezes at a lower temperature.  No sand, no dirt.  Simple.”


How did I get here?  I am headed over to Legends Sports Bar for a pop.  Are they open yet?  More later.