Mine’s Bigger

October 28, 2017

With less than two weeks to election day campaign signs are everywhere and this year they are bigger than ever as candidates are waging war with their signs.

Even though he is just seeking a council seat in the First District, Tony D’Amato’s signs dwarf those of his fellow council candidates and the mayoral candidates too. Not just because they are necessarily bigger but because they are everywhere and not only in the Bristol/Forestville area.

He has weaponized his signs by expanding his operation with a growth strategy by penetrating alternative markets such as China, the Kremlin and a corner of Times Square. The political operative known locally as The Twerp, told Boardman, “Tony is thinking beyond District One because District One is just a formality.”

Other candidates have followed suit. Mary Fortier and Cheryl Thibeault are locked in a battle to the death in the Third District, and are not waging war with yard signs; they have gone to the mattresses with traffic signs.

Brittany Barney, also in the Third, has opted not to get into the sign fray so instead she has hit gold with a Brittany “Awareness Ribbon” to show support and raise consciousness for her campaign.

Andrew Howe in the Second is promoting his campaign with an alphabet soup. “It has no flavor and it has no taste because sometimes you just want soup goddammit and you don’t care how it fucking tastes.” That’s what it says on the can anyway. Okay, I added goddammit because I thought it needed punching up.

The election is Tuesday November 7, 2017. Stay semi-informed with Alan Boardman’s semi-comprehensive and semi-accurate election coverage.


Previewing the Candidates of District 2

August 24, 2017

Boardman, throughout the election season, will breakdown the city council races. Today District 2 is previewed, which includes the West End and Chippens Hill.


The demographics in Bristol’s second district are a mixed bag. Consequently, what do you get when you mix Bristol’s oldest and grittiest section with Bristol’s newest and wealthiest section? Lukewarm voter turnout.

Jodi Zils-Gagne (R)
Jodi Zils-Gagne is seeking reelection. She is Bristol’s most approachable, enthusiastic and happiest city councilor, and there is reason to be.

Earlier this year her Good Will initiative was approved. The initiative allowed police officers in the West End to award gift cards to citizens engaging in positive acts or deeds.

However, voters were disappointed that she did not include Get out of Jail Free cards as part of her Good Will Initiative. Will voters hold it against her?

Andrew Howe (R)
Mr. Howe wants to keep moving Bristol in the right direction; at least that is what his campaign literature says. What direction that is no one seems to know including the candidate.

A first time candidate with no political experience he represents the everyday person; he is a faithful lieutenant to the mayor, and a big advocate of the referendum. In particular he would like to put the MBS project out to referendum “so the people can decide.”

But some are wondering why he did not put his candidacy out to referendum so the voters could decide if he should even bother seeking office.

He also speaks of being transparent. However the letter e in his last name is silent.
Why is the e silent? Is he hiding something? Should the police be called?

David Preleski (D)
An Attorney at law with a BS degree in finance and economics from CCSU and an MBA in finance and economics from the University of Hartford. He wears glasses, is the voice of reason on the city council and the women of Chippens Hill and the West End go “ooh-la-la” when he wears his patented blue dress shirts. It says as much on his business cards.

Unless you don’t like his blue shirts or his glasses, there is no reason not to vote for him.

Peter Kelley (with an e) (D)
What can you say about Peter Kelley (with an e)? Well, a Google search for the name “Peter Kelley (with an e)” turns up a great deal of information about “Peter Kelley” (with an e).

He is an animator with Industrial Light & Magic, VP American Wind Energy Association, Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Notre Dame, Contributor to The World Economic Forum, Chef and a graduate of the University of Arizona, Texas Tech, and Stamford.

His wives Kim, Rica, D. Anne, Valerie, Roisin, Barbara, Susan and Lorraine all think he is a great guy.

And, amazingly, according to Geni.com, Peter Kelley (with an e) died in 1853, 1911, 1914, 1930, 1998, 2004, 2011 and twice in 2017.

The election is Tuesday November 7, 2017. Stay semi-informed with Alan Boardman’s semi-comprehensive and semi-accurate election coverage.

This sentence was written on a dare.