City Planning Gala to Celebrate MBS Still Being Closed

April 26, 2017

Later this year the City of Bristol will host a black-tie gala ball at Nuchie’s to celebrate 5 years of the Memorial Boulevard School being closed.

The mayor, along with city councilors, civic leaders and important people that no one has ever heard of, will celebrate the closing of the school, and the continued commitment to keep the landmark building, built in 1923, closed.

The MBS Gala will include cocktails, dinner, live music by the band Closed Casket and an auction of MBS memorabilia led by Christie’s Auction House of New York.  Noted memorabilia collector Bill Chatterton has donated MBS grout from his collection to the auction.  A silent auction will also be held and feature an autographed copy of the MBS Task Force Final Report signed by all the committee members. 

Former news reporter Tom Monahan will be the Master of Ceremonies. 

There will even be local tributes and renderings by the Art Squad. Among them is a beautifully painted traffic box of the historic and iconic building entitled Empty. Critics say the traffic box is truly an awe inspiring work of art and verification that there is a God.

The classically designed building closed in 2012.  The task force charged with developing a plan for the school put in 15 months of hard work, and recommended using the building as a community cultural and arts center. It was believed the undertaking would be part of a strategy to increase economic development and cultural growth.  Instead the Memorial Boulevard School remains dark, barren and empty and is now the latest attraction in an ever growing collection of empty buildings and vacant lots. 






Vlad the Impaler Christmas Cards designed in the Ville

December 19, 2010

A draft of the Vlad the Impaler Christmas Card

Forestville retailers have been selling an unusual Christmas card this holiday season, the Vlad the Impaler Christmas Card.  The card designed by two Forestville residents, who wish not to be identified, have been appearing in village shops for several weeks.

The card shows the Romanian ruler impaling a Christmas elf as he hangs an ornament on a tree.  According to several with intimate knowledge of the project, the humorous cards have sold out.  No world on whether additional cards will be produced or sold.


Forestville Police Baffled

March 29, 2010

Police artist rendering

Forestville police commented today that despite having detailed information regarding the appearance of the gunmen involved in last week’s supermarket robbery, they still have no leads.  They do admit that this may have something to do with the fact that the police sketch artist is a cubist. 

So, to help move the case forward they have had the sketch of the man redone by a nonrepresentational surrealist.