Forestville Escort Service Receives Local Honor

February 1, 2017


Intimate Encounters, a popular Forestville escort service, were recently presented by the Forestville Chamber of Commerce with the prestigious Bronze Star Award, recognizing their record-breaking sales achievement for the fourth quarter of 2016.

They were also recognized with an annual Sales Growth Award, for being one of the top 10 businesses in the village over the last calendar year too.

Intimate Encounters is an elite full-service escort business providing discreet private hookups, companionship, body rubs, private dances and other forms of adult companionship from high class upscale women and men upon request.

The popular escort business operates in the red light district of the village with standard industry rates being applied for their services, depending on the request.

The Forestville Chamber of Commerce said Intimate Encounters were selected from a vast selection of businesses in the community including a hot dog cart, bank, car wash and Hell Hole: The Dungeon of Mistress V, Forestville’s resident dominatrix.


The escort business received high marks for their strategic planning, employee development, community involvement, and customer service.

Intimate Encounters is owned by Forestville resident Bob Knepper who started the company due to his mid-life crisis.


Tickets Still Available for the Governor John Rowland Appreciation Dinner

November 27, 2015
Green Hills School, site of the John Rowland Appreciation Dinner

Green Hills School, site of the John Rowland Appreciation Dinner

Tickets for the John Rowland Appreciation Dinner to be held Saturday at 9 p.m. in Forestville are still available. Rowland was the 86th governor of the state of Connecticut and a twice convicted felon.

The original ticket price was $15 but was reduced to $10 and then $5 due to a lack of interest. Tickers are now free and can be obtained through the Forestville Chamber of Commerce.

Also, due to the anticipated small crowd, the venue moved from the banquet hall at Nuchie’s Restaurant, which can seat 300 people to the Family Resource Center on the first floor of Green Hills School, which can seat about 20 people, maybe. The menu will consist of food items from the school menu.

The scheduled speakers are fellow political luminaries and convicted felons:

Bridgeport, Connecticut, Mayor Joe Ganim (federal corruption charges for racketeering, conspiracy and bribery).

Former Connecticut State Senator, Ernie Newton (felony conviction for bribery, mail fraud and tax evasion).

Former Mayor of Hartford, Connecticut, Eddie Perez (felony conviction for bribery, fabricating evidence, and conspiracy to fabricate evidence).

Hope to see you there!

Et tu, Brute?

Forestville Film Festival

July 15, 2015

Film Festival

The first annual Forestville Film Festival opens Saturday night at 7:00 pm and closes a half hour later.

The festival features a screening of “End Credits” a compilation of ending credits from unpopular movies and TV programs from the 1970s. It runs approximately 22 minutes.

Being the only movie to be screened at the festival, it is the favorite to win the coveted Forestville Film Festival Award.

The Forestville Film Festival is sponsored by the Forestville Chamber of Commerce and is to be held in the abandoned building on East Main Street.