Another Former Trump Advisor Moving to Forestville

March 15, 2018

Gary Cohn, former chief economic advisor to Trump, has reportedly purchased a property in the village of Forestville just off of Pine Street near Stop & Shop.

The billionaire banker, and one-time Chief Operating Officer at Goldman Sachs, is looking for a drastic change so he settled on a three-bedroom and 1.1 bath Cape in the ville. The home includes a delightful 2 car detached garage and new windows.

Mr. Cohn in an effort to fit-in with locals purchased season tickets to the Bristol Blues for the upcoming season, and will volunteer at Forestville Little League in the Snack Shack.

Some Little League volunteers are not happy with their new volunteer though. “He might know how to operate the world’s economy and be a big shot on Wall Street, but what does he know about selling hamburgers and Kool-Pops?” remarked Denny Dillon, a Little League volunteer. “The Snack Shack is a cash business fraught with staffing, inventory and money issues.”

A spokesperson for Mr. Cohn said he will work in the shack on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings, but he will not umpire or coach or work on the fields.


Mayor Goes on Resignation Crusade!

September 20, 2017

Due to the Board of Education’s 2-million-dollar shortfall, the mayor took to social media recently and asked for two of its elected volunteers to resign. Many residents were shocked while his loyal and rabid supporters stood by his statement. However, Boardman has learned that the mayor’s resignation demand is not limited to merely the Board of Education.

Last Saturday during a baseball game at Forestville Little League, with a runner on first in the last inning and his team down by a run, Manager Ed Oates did not ask his batter to bunt. Instead the batter swung away and he hit into a double play.

The mayor, who was in attendance, was incensed by the strategy. Following the ballgame, he again took to social media and condemned the coaches and asked that they too resign. “How do you not bunt in that situation?” he asked pointedly. “I don’t know why they did not bunt they’re, their…then…but they should do everyone a favor and quit.”

His minions, who were not at the game nor familiar with the batter or his skill set or the managers thinking, were quick to pile on to impress the supreme leader. Patriot50 fired the first salvo, “I have tapes of this guy coaching games and I will send them to America’s Funniest Home Videos!” she angrily wrote.

Mimi Pipkens was up next and fired at will. “I heard when Moses came down from Mount Sinai he left several commandments behind and one of them was ‘Thou Shall Not Let Ed Oates be a Volunteer or Manage a Baseball Team.’”

Latham Eikel was more direct and snarled, “For not bunting Ed Oates should be hung and dragged through the streets of Forestville like Mussolini.”

The mayor was not done.

Julius Denforth is the Den Leader for Cub Scout Troop 314, which meets at Greene Hills School Monday nights between 7:30 and 9:00 P.M. Upon hearing that Troop 314 meets Monday nights, the mayor took to social media to denounce Julius and demand his resignation. “Who schedules a meeting during Monday night Football? This guy needs to reszin, reszi,…I mean quit.”

The mayor then went on to provide a list of volunteers that he feels must leave because he said so: Volunteer Fire Departments, Hurricane Irma relief volunteers, Habitat for the Humanities, Red Cross, ARF and the lemonade stand on Academy Street because “the lemonade don’t taste twoto..too…no good.”

Getting to Second Base

April 21, 2015
Second base

Second base

Baseball has many rules that have lasted and been modified through the centuries. But that does not matter to one parent from wanting a change at Forestville Little League.

Little League commonly has three coaches on each team and when one team is hitting there is a coach at first base, third base and one in the dugout. Eileen Zapata, a mother of two, wants FLL to have a second base coach instructing the children that make it to second base.
“How come there is no coach at second base mentoring these children? The runners at first and third receive preferential treatment and I want to put an end to it.”

It does not matter to Mrs. Zapata that there is no second base coach at any level of baseball. “I see nine, ten and even eleven year old boys all the time standing on second base. They are alone, frightened and confused because they are receiving no guidance or instruction and that is wrong.”

No word on when she plans on raising this with the board.

Baseball Field at the New Green Hills School

July 29, 2012

View from Field 1 of Forestville Little League with Green Hills in the background

The ball fields at the new Green Hill School are progressing.  The backstops are in and the infields are laid out. To the untrained eye one field appears to be a big league diamond, and the the other a softball diamond or a Little League diamond.  The fields are built in the area that formally had contained two Little League fields and a batting cage.  But the city of Bristol, the landowner, destroyed the Little League fields in order to construct the new school.  Forestville Little League which had three fields prior to construction now has one.  With the school scheduled to open this August let the games begin!

The view from the backstop of the smaller field.

The big league diamond

Emergency Meeting to be held Regarding the Future of Forestville Little League

September 21, 2011

Forestville Little League to close?

Forestville Little League is on the verge of collapse.  As a result, an emergency meeting will be this Thursday at 6:30 PM at the A. Bartlett Giamatti Little League Center on Mix Street to advise parents and players alike of its peril.

The league is in need of volunteers to maintain its survival including a president, a safety coordinator and a group dedicated to running the auxiliary (Snack Shack).

This past season was a difficult year for the league.  Temporarily reduced to one playing field, parents complained of transporting their children to play and practice at other facilities all over town.

FLL has been plagued with problems and bad luck in recent years.  Last year league officials discovered funds were stolen from the Snack Shack, and two fields were taken away to make room for the expansion of Green Hills School.  Town officials claim the league will have access to a full compliment of fields once construction is completed.

This season saw their Accounts Receivable take a hit due to the elimination of the two fields and a lack of volunteers to maintain the shack, which sells food and drinks during games.  The money raised from the auxiliary is used to purchase new equipment, uniforms, and maintain the fields.  Unlike McCabe Waters across town, which has a dedicated set of volunteers in place to run the Snack Shack, Forestville has no luxury.

The incoming president will be need to be deal with host of problems and be a visionary, a problem solver and a cheerleader for the league to continue.

In the 60s and70s when baseball was king, FLL was flush with 600 players in the program.  This past season they had less than 200.  Why is it so difficult for the league to recruit players?  Computers?  Video games?  Soccer?  There are a variety of factors but the truth is Little League’s popularity in the United States has been eroding for years.

So, residents of Forestville, come out and be a volunteer or the league which was founded in 1954 will fade away just like the Forestville Boys Club, the Forestville Manufacturing Company, and the Forestville Train Station.


Forestville Little League Fields 2 and 3 are no more

March 30, 2011

A view from Field 1 to the old Field 2 Field 3 and the batting cages

Forestville Little League’s (FLL) Fields 2 and 3 are officially gone.

The sounds of batted balls, cheering fans and excited kids have been replaced by the rumble of bulldozers and dump trucks.  The fields, located on Board of Education property on Pine Street, were leveled so Green Hills School could expand to K-8.  Rising from the ruins will be a soccer field and a regulation baseball diamond, which will convert to a Little League field when needed.

The batting cages, formally located between Fields 2 and 3, will be moved to a location near Field 1.

In a related matter, a group of volunteers from FLL were preparing their remaining field for play this past Saturday.

According to sources Forestville Little League’s season is begin the week of April 10.



Forestville Little League Opening Ceremonies

April 9, 2010

Forestville Little League Field 1 (File photo)

Forestville Little League will begin play this Saturday.  Opening ceremonies start at 9 AM players are to be at the field at 8:15. Is this the last year at the current facility? Only time will tell. More to come on that one.