Flag Lowered No One Harmed

December 13, 2014
Flag at the Forestville Post Office (File Photo)

Flag at the Forestville Post Office (File Photo)

The flag at the Forestville Post Office was lowered late Friday and authorities reported no injuries.

A postal employee was observed slowly and carefully lowering the flag using a hand over fist motion, which is a commonly used technique according to experts.

One bystander remarked, “I always hold my breath with these types of things because you never know if something will go wrong.”

The flag will be lowered again today when the post office closes.


Post Office roof leaking…again

February 11, 2011

Bucket Brigade

There are three things in life you can count on: Death, taxes and the roof at the Forestville Post Office to leak.  I visited the post office last week and noticed water buckets lined up and ready for work.  At that time I assumed it was just a one day event. Well, I was wrong because this morning while purchasing stamps the buckets were still there capturing water.

It was only last year that the Ville’s the post office was closed due to leaky roof as water was saturating the post office boxes.  With all that snow we have had this winter season this is only a prelude of things to come for the spring.

Forestville is thankful

November 24, 2010

Forestville Thanksgiving

Forestville is thankful for the Forestville Cemetery because we have a place to bury our dead.

Forestville is thankful for O’Brien Funeral Home which buries our dead.

Forestville is thankful for the dumpster behind Cumberland Farms because it is a good place to bring garbage when you can’t get to the dump.

Forestville is thankful for our railroad tracks which give our teenagers somewhere to go on Saturday nights.

Living on Forestville time

Forestville is thankful for the clock in Central Square which allows us to live on Forestville time.

Forestville is thankful for Route 72, without it we would be a village without a road.

Forestville is also thankful for Pine Lake and the scenery it provides, and the post office for our mail.

Welcome to Forestville

Forestville is thankful for the Forestville Village Association and the wonderful events they sponsor.

Forestville is thankful to Forestville Little League for providing a venue for our kids to play baseball.

Lastly, Forestville is thankful for Manross Library, the Pequabuck River and the fact that we are not part of Plainville.


Post Office is Open

July 10, 2010

Forestville Post Office

The Forestville post office reopened Saturday morning! As a result, Forestville residents will no longer have to slog it to downtown Bristol to retrieve their mail or purchase their stamps.

Heavy rains in February caused a leak in the roof which resulted in the Forestville branch being closed until repairs could be completed.