Forestville Man Successfully Makes Bank Deposit

August 2, 2017

Gavin Peppers successfully deposited birthday money into his savings account shortly after 2 PM today. No one was reported injured.

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Correction: A previous version of this report neglected to mention that Mr. Peppers is 68 years old. Boardman deeply regrets the omission.


Gavin Peppers upset with airline industry, no nylons on airplanes

February 3, 2009
No nylons on this airplane

No nylons on this airplane

I bumped into Gavin yesterday and he is not happy with the airline industry.  Following his return from Disney World in Florida, Mr. Peppers dispatched a harsh letter to Delta Airlines.  The 450-word tirade complained of seats that were too close together, leaving no elbow or leg room.  The experience was exacerbated by a passenger seated next to him, who smelled of saline.


Also, Mr. Peppers letter viciously criticized the flight attendants for not wearing any hosiery, “Tell your flight attendants that slacks suck.  When I fly on an airplane I expect to see nice stockings not crappy acrylic pants.”


Um, good luck there Gavin!