The state of Connecticut makes the top 5

February 3, 2009
Connecticut state capitol, Hartford (file photo AB)

Connecticut state capitol, Hartford (file photo AB)

A recent study completed by the Bureau of Vital Statistics concluded that the state of Connecticut with its great moderate climate, four seasons, and numerous hills is one of the top five states in New England.


“Do you know what this means?  More visitors to Forestville,” said an enthusiastic Heather Ross, President of the Forestville Tourism Association.  “Sure, some states may have better schools, reduced liability costs, and lower taxes.  And other states may brag about highway projects that finish on time, lower gasoline taxes and less regulation but we have lots of trees.”  According to the report a key to Connecticut’s status is the fact that the leaves on their trees change color in the fall too. 


The states were graded on tourism, ecology, roads, environment, and taxes. 


The bureau made note that there are only six states in New England, but while naming Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts to the top five list, they did not publish the name of the state that did not make the list.  Sorry Rhode Island.  Oops, did I just do that? 


A spokesperson for Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell said she was thrilled with the report. 



State employee from Forestville calls in sick, Governor urges calm

December 27, 2008

Around the Village Today

Edward Funkhousen, a clerk with the state of Connecticut Department of Transportation called in sick to work Friday morning, according to state records. 


Governor Rell urges calm

Governor Rell urges calm

State officials are not concerned but they did observe that this was the second Friday within the last nine months in which Mr. Funkhousen took sick time.  Governor M. Jodi Rell urged residents to remain calm, “Due to

the large deficit we are facing this is disappointing, but not unexpected this time of year.” 

A spokesperson for DOT said the employee was day to day, but was probable for work on Monday. 



Mr. Funkhousen could not be reached for comment.