Vacant Lot Fest 2016

May 19, 2016


Vacant Lot Fest is returning to Forestville on Saturday July 9th!

The popular event, sponsored by the Forestville Tourism Association (FTA), is a one day celebration of the vacant lots in the village, and is attended by a loyal and dedicated fan base. “I went last year and it was awesome to see all those empty, neglected lots in total disrepair,” said John Singer, a vacant lot enthusiast from Southington, who met his wife at the 2012 Fest.

Heather Ross, director of the event for FTA, likens the devotion of the Vacant Lot fandom to Trekkies – those overzealous, obsessive followers of Star Trek. “Just like Trekkies they come here and know every minute detail about every unattended parcel. From plant growth to toxics it’s incredible.”

This year will include never-before-seen items gathered from the unsightly landscapes for display, including litter, solid waste and a wide variety of dirt, sand and silt.

The vacant lots of Forestville can be discovered with a walking tour provided by Alex Chipley, an empty lot historian. He will bring the lots back to life with history, trivia and local lore. The tour will leave from in front of the post office at 6PM and is expected to take two hours. “Nothing like seeing that last vacant lot just before dusk,” Mr. Chipley said.

Tickets can be obtained from the Forestville Tourism Association if you plead or grovel.


Walking Tours of Academy Street

December 31, 2015
Academy Street

Academy Street

The Forestville Tourism Association provides walking tours of Academy Street, the last Sunday of every month at 3 p.m.

“I show them both stop signs, the fire hydrants and the sidewalk; the cracks too if there is time. It’s a lot of fun!” said Heather Ross, one of the guides.

Looking south.

Sometimes the cracks are discussed.

Academy Street is one of Forestville’s oldest and trusted roads. The street is in good shape and has shown to have dependable topography making it a driving and walking favorite.

Additional sites featured are the trees lining the sidewalk, the grass and the telephone poles that adorn both sides of the roadway.

Tickets are 5 bucks for adults 4 bucks for children under the age of one. Residents of Academy Street can do the tour for free provided they show a lease agreement or a deed to their property.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Forestville Tourism Association or the Forestville Historical Society.

Forestville business community advised to dismiss the death of Michael Jackson

July 5, 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

My sources tell me that a memo is currently being drafted by the Forestville Toursim Association (FTA), and is under consideration to be mailed to all Forestville business establishments.  The letter advises them to instruct their employees to not be depressed about the death of singer Michael Jackson.  A portion of the missive drafted by FTA President Heather Ross and an unknown underling reads, “The death of Mr. Jackson is unfortunate but it should have no effect on the business community in Forestville.  Please remind your employees that people don’t come to Forestville to be depressed.  They come here for goods and services.”   

Ms. Ross could not be reached for comment. 

 To be continued?

Bob Knepper buys ping pong table, friends and neighbors happy

June 16, 2009
Ping pong table rasies eyebrows

Ping pong table rasies eyebrows

Village resident Bob Knepper recently purchased a ping pong table, much to the delight of his friends and neighbors. 

According to Mr. Knepper he bought the $650.00 table (62” H x 74” W x 30” D) so he and his buddies can get together and play table tennis on Saturday nights.  It is thought to be the only recreational game of its kind in the central Connecticut village.  Consequently, neighbors have been marveling at its appearance in the Knepper garage for two days.  As a result, the purchase has caught the attention of Heather Ross, President of the Forestville Tourism Association (FTA). 

The long time FTA president said the ping pong table will be good for the community, and she will consider adding it to the “Things to Do” section of the Forestville Visitor’s Guide.  However, in a statement Ms. Ross showed frustration, “I am disappointed that this recreational game was purchased online from an out of state merchant.  Forestville residents are aware that they should be dutifully supporting Forestville retailers.  Knepper knows this and he better get with the program.  This is not the first time.  I will notate this in his permanent record.”

Mr. Knepper said he looks forward to discussing the matter with Heather Ross so he can set the record straight.

Forestville has new pothole!

May 25, 2009
Newest pothole in Forestville

Newest pothole in Forestville

Forestville residents awoke this morning to a new a pothole!  New word yet on when repairs will be completed to the deformed road.  However, sources close to Forestville Tourism Association President Heather Ross say she is quite upset about the deformities to the pavement surface, and plans to investigate the matter.  Big surprise.

Barking dog horrifies community leader

March 28, 2009
Don't bark there Fido

Don't bark there Fido

During a random drive through Forestville Thursday evening, a dog was heard barking in the Daley Street area just after 7PM.  Heather Ross President of the Forestville Tourism Association is aghast, “This sickens me.  We all know a barking dog means trouble, and if this type of thing keeps tourists and visitors away from the village, there will be hell to pay.” 


Miss Ross has asked Larson Canover, the Forestville Information Minister to investigate the matter.  “If it is found that this dog was coaxed into barking by being promised a treat or a biscuit for doing some silly trick then we will speak to the owner,” said an agitated Ross.


Oh boy, here we go. 


Shortage of Number 2 Pencils outrages citizen

March 11, 2009
Pencil shortage in Forestville

Pencil shortage in Forestville

Community leaders are trying to quell rumors that stationary stores in the village of Forestville are out of Number 2 pencils.  “Simply not true,” said Heather Ross President of the Forestville Tourism Association.  “We don’t have any stationary stores in Forestville so how can we be out of something we don’t have?”  


Forestville Information Minister Larson Canover said rumors of a pencil shortage are misinformation and urged Forestville residents to remain calm and to carry on with their day to day activities.  Resident Pedro Hernandez is not satisfied “I have important paper work to do.  No self respecting person would use anything other than a Number 2 pencil.  This is a basic a necessity and I can’t find a Number 2 pencil anywhere.  I may have to move.”