Poor People are to blame for the Financial Crisis, says man

February 27, 2009
Wealthy citizens plan protest at Lincoln Memorial

Wealthy citizens plan protest at Lincoln Memorial

I ran into Mark Dresden today and that is always interesting.  Here is a report. 


Mark Dresden believes poor people are to blame for the current financial crisis “If poor people could have afforded their homes when they bought them this crisis would not have happened,” said Mr. Dresden.   


Dresden is organizing a march to the Lincoln Memorial to protest the treatment of wealthy people by poor people.  “They blame the rich for everything.  Well rich folks did not cause this,” said Dresden.  It is expected that several dozen well to do marchers will descend upon the memorial and hear speakers deriding welfare, social security, and numerous other New Deal programs.  Following the speeches they plan to picket homeless shelters and poor neighborhoods, “They need to be held accountable,” said Mr. Dresden.


Um, good luck. 



Forestville man has headache, Doctors find miraculous cure

December 18, 2008

Brain x-ray during a headache

Brain x-ray during a headache

Forestville area man Mark Dresden sought medical treatment yesterday for a headache.  Mr. Dresden was examined and released shortly after lunch on his own recognizance from an area medical facility.  His wife Claire said he was resting comfortably and watching Fox News.  Doctors expect Mr. Dresden to make a full recovery. 










Mitchell Luby contributed to this story.