That’s All Folks

November 11, 2017

On a cold rainy night, crowds numbering in the hundreds, gathered throughout Bristol and Forestville to celebrate that the election was finally over. When the news broke a raucous cheer went up and could be heard from Forestville to Witches Rock and over to Chippens Hill.

The celebrations in Forestville were started by unregistered voters and began just after 8PM Tuesday night, and continued into Wednesday.

Roberta Jones, an attendant at Mr. Bubbles Car Wash, was in disbelief. Trembling and with tears filling her eyes, she asked, “Oh my gosh it’s over? It’s really, really over?” Her friend Wendy fell to her knees and cried, “Thank you baby Jesus!”

A woman named Mitzi Danforth, residing on Redstone Hill Road in an earth colored ranch featuring an electric garage door opener and a finished basement, requested her identity not be revealed was thrilled too, “No more phone calls! No mailers! No more drama!”, she roared.

And Councilman Dave Preleski, like the Crying-Indian in the Keep America Beautiful commercials, shed a single tear and solemnly said, “I don’t have to censure anyone anymore.”

Downtown, a massive crowd assembled along Memorial Boulevard blocking many side streets. Police on horseback cleared the area so the celebration could continue. One man wore a brightly colored Fuck Voting! sweatshirt. It fittingly captured the mood and the moment.

Federal Hill saw its fair share of celebrations too with music and dancing, but the mood was sullied when the revelers realized there is another election in just twelve months.


Vacant Lot Remains Vacant

December 6, 2014
The view from Mr. Bubbles Car Wash

The view from Mr. Bubbles Car Wash

The vacant lot on East Main Street across from the Mr. Bubbles Car Wash is still vacant.

Overgrown with brush and the ruins of a driveway cut-in still visible it remains a popular eyesore for residents of Forestville. “Maybe we can make the empty lot a tourist attraction,” remarked one resident. Said another, “It’s one of the best empty lots we have.”

No one seems to remember what occupied the property previously. “It has been vacant so long that there is nothing to miss,” stated one citizen.

According to sources the popular abandoned, bare and deserted parcel will luckily remain a tribute to the vibrant property it never was for the foreseeable future.

Popular eyesore

Popular eyesore

Mr. Bubbles Promotes Mitchell Luby

September 13, 2012

Mr Bubbles car Wash promotes local resident

Mr. Bubbles Car Wash, the notorious car wash along East Main Street in Forestville, announced today the appointment of Mitchell Luby to Assistant Night Supervisor.

Mr. Luby joined Mr. Bubbles as just an assistant five years ago.  He received his GED in 2005 and has held various jobs in the community.  Occasionally Mr. Luby attends mass at Saint Matthew Church.

“We are fortunate to have someone like Mitch working for the company and I am pleased that he was promoted,” said his co-worker and friend Banana Bob.