Deavers Halloween Party

November 4, 2010

There is a great divide socially and economically when it comes to living in Forestville, you either live north of the railroad tracks or south of the railroad tracks, there is no in between.  However, when it comes to a party at the home of John and Barbara Deavers, Forestville’s most opulent couple, it does not matter where you reside in the village because for that brief moment we are all one.

It seemed as though all of Forestville attended the Deavers annual Halloween Party at their palatial estate last Saturday night.  The guest list included Audra and Solomon Weeks, Cookie Gension, Juan Gutierrez, Kletis Denim, Mitchell Luby and a date, Hank Lee Bowers and his wife Lisa, Mike Hill, Al Tunis, Bob Kneeper, Mr. and Mrs. Youch, Joe Kapperstein, Dewey Jasper, Norbert Pendleton, Zack Flanders, party crashers Maria Malvado and Silas Minutia, Larson Canover, Heather Ross and her husband Rick and countless others.

Unfortunately John Deavers was not in attendance because he was away on business, and what a shame because he missed another fantastic party thrown by his wife.  Their home was decorated in Halloween garb and the band hired for the night played a steady soundtrack of rock-n-roll hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

The best costume prize, which is very popular and brings out the best in Forestville’s residents creativity, went to garage mechanic Hank Lee Bowers.  Mr. Bowers attended the party dressed as a breathalyzer.

At the end of the evening Mrs. Deavers assured me their annual Christmas Party will go on without Mr. Deavers as he will be away.  She will conduct their carol sing through the streets of Forestville…north and south of the railroad tracks.


Loverboy to ruin New Year’s celebration

December 18, 2008

Around the Village Today – New Year’s Party Update



Canadian rock group Loverboy scheduled to ruin New Year's

Canadian rock group Loverboy scheduled to ruin New Year's

Barbara Deavers asked me to bring music to her “Auld Lang Syne” celebration.  She specifically requested 80s music from artists such as Journey, Bryan Adams and Loverboy.  Loverboy?  I don’t own any Loverboy music so I had to download it and now I have to live with that shame.  Thanks to her, the permanent search record on my computer now includes the word “Loverboy.”  I hope a monkey pees in her drink on New Year’s.



In a related matter, Zack Flanders is back in town.  Will he be at the party? I don’t know but from what I remember he is a Loverboy fan.  











Around the Village Today – New Year’s Eve Celebration in Forestville!

December 7, 2008

Around the Village Today


Today, snow likely with the Temperature around 32.  Northwest winds around 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.


Winter is here. 


New Year’s Eve Celebration in Forestville

new-years-in-forestvilleIn the mail yesterday I received my invitation to John and Barbara Deavers’ annual New Years Party.  All of Forestville’s high society should be there.  Did you get yours? 


Lightning Update


My story last week that Kenneth Snipps and Norbert Pendleton were struck by lightning may be wrong, well one part of it.  I received several e-mails stating it was Snipps and Toby Jacks (not Norbert Pendleton) that were in fact hit with a lightning strike.  Those with intimate knowledge of this story have not been available for comment.  I will keep trying.