February 11, 2017


I’m glad the 9th circuit stopped the Trump travel ban. I don’t think it’s right for Trump to be prevented from traveling.

Pence seems to be given so much work by Trump. He’s now negotiating trade with Japan’s vice minister of something or other. I’m sure he thought being VP meant he could sleep in more.

Watching Trump’s weekly addresses where he lists what he did and his support for America. Yet if I turn off the sound, I’d swear he was angry at the camera!

I heard the White House press conferences are doing big ratings. Maybe they should consider adding an opening act. Maybe Steve Wynn his Economic Adviser could book someone from his Las Vegas resort casino. Get Don Rickles to warm up, the reporters, do some pre-insulting before Spicer comes on. Rickles is alive still right?

I hear CNN anchors whine about being called fake news, saying it hurts just as much as when someone is called a racist word. Omg, do we need a new term for this? Anti-Journalismism? Reporterophobia?

Following a positive meeting at the White House with the FAA, the president chastised the media for not covering safe landings at airports. “The media only tells you when airplanes crash. They never report when airplanes land safe and on time. Their reporting is dishonest and a total disaster. Sad.”


I keep hearing the media claim that the Yemen raid was unsuccessful because someone died and we lost an expensive plane. From there I assume the media is now declaring D-Day was a failure as well because we lost people and expensive equipment.

Schumer now claims the republicans are launching a war on seniors. Given the republicans’ recent track record in war, seniors have nothing to worry about.