And the winner is? Stumpy the Fire Hydrant!

September 2, 2015


Located in the heart of Forestville is Academy Street. A non-descript road to the untrained eye, but home to a church, a sidewalk and now the best fire hydrant in Forestville, Stumpy the Fire Hydrant.

Mayor Cockanye, during the award presentation said stumpy, so named by locals because he sits low to the ground, “is a gritty little fire hydrant. There is a little Stumpy in all of us.”

Stumpy is an older looking hydrant located midpoint of the road. Residents have visited Academy Street for generations, especially children during the summer months, to see Stumpy and take photos.

The Fire Hydrant of the Year Award is awarded to the fire hydrant that has made a lasting contribution to the community by the Forestville Tourist Association.