July 4, 2017


My friend Kenny visited the Stop and Shop on Pine Street and noticed they sell various forms of water. “They sell frozen water, cold water and even room temperature water. Why don’t they sell boiling water? I don’t get it.”

Me either.


Forestville resident Toby Jacks recently observed, “The Blues lost all four games during a four game losing streak.”

Well said.


The 1980 Olympics were held in 1980?
When people die they are dead?
The Fourth of July happens every July 4th?
Sand is sandy?
The Forestville Fire Station is located in Forestville?


This has nothing to do with Forestville, but CNBC reported Trump thinks maybe there should be another “F” in “NAFTA” for free AND fair trade. You know I was hoping the “F” would stand for something else.

Boardman Out


Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox Not Coming to Nutmeg TV

January 3, 2017


Forestville Public-access television viewers were disappointed to learn Tuesday that Megyn Kelly host of The Kelly Files, on Fox News, will not be leaving Fox for Nutmeg TV as was rumored. Instead she has agreed to a deal with NBC News where she will host an hour-long daytime news show.

This leaves Nutmeg TV in a bit of a programming pinch because they were expecting her to leave Fox and come to Nutmeg, and anchor local political programming shows and host live big-event stories too such as the Mum Festival Parade.

The 46 year old Kelly has been a breakout star since her show debuted in October of 2013. As a result she was hotly pursued by all the major networks including the volunteer community based programmer Nutmeg TV.

Nutmeg reportedly offered her a parking space close to the entrance of their Farmington studios, and agreed to waive the requirement she attend their free classes on how to use the equipment. “How can you say no to that?” wondered Joanie Sutter, Executive Director of Nutmeg TV during negotiations.

After being spurned by Megyn Kelly the Public-access channel has turned their attention to CNN anchors Michael Smerconish, Poppy Harlow and Toby, a cart corral operator at Stop & Shop on Pine Street.

Forestville Group Opens a Time Capsule After Seven Days

January 10, 2015
Peck Park

Peck Park

A time capsule, placed in the ground one week ago by the community group Friends of Forestville and scheduled to be opened in the year 2035, was opened Tuesday after being buried for just seven days. According to one of its members Toby Jacks, “We just couldn’t wait any longer the anticipation was killing us.”

The time capsule included photos, a bus schedule, coins and other items pertaining to Forestville and the year 2015. The capsule was buried in the area near Peck Park and according to Toby the group plans to bury it again in the same location sometime next week.

Deavers’ 4th of July Celebration in Forestville

July 4, 2011

Deavers' 4th of July

Saturday was John and Barbara (Babs) Deavers annual 4th of July party.  The party had the usual assortment of cocktails, scrumptious hors d’oeuvres and an actual dinner menu! However, the highlight of the evening was not the food, or the Forestville Orchestra playing various patriotic songs, or the fashion show for charity or even the inspiring fireworks display, it was, by far, Barbara Deavers.  With her shoulder length hair and summer tan showing off her shapely leg, Babs was easily all the rage.

Moving quickly through Forestville’s various social classes that were in attendance, I sensed everyone had a spectacular time.  Those lucky enough to be there included Larson Canover, Maria Malvado, Solomon Weeks, Mitchell Luby, Dan Blazjowski, Rene Dubois, Zack Flanders, Trever Canby, Clovis and Kletis Denim, Virgilio Gonzales, Harley Pritchert, Mike Hill and Beth Hill, Ted and Nancy Tanner, Cookie Genison, Rob Halford, Betty Boukus, Howard and Phoebe Faris, Joe Kapperstein, Silas Minutia, Norbert Pendleton and Toby Jacks.


The Kenneth Snipps Question

March 24, 2011

A Kenneth Snipps letter

I have been delaying this post for awhile but I feel now is the time to address the Kenneth Snipps question because I every few weeks I receive e-mails asking the following: Who is Kenneth Snipps?

I do not profess to know Kenneth but I live in Forestville and so does he so that makes me an expert. To the best of my knowledge I have met him at various village functions or parties thrown by John and Barbara Deavers. So, for all you Snipps devotees, here is what I do know:

Kenneth Snipps is a short, timid and neatly dressed thirty something year old man with no family to speak of that I am aware. He is well mannered but he is shy and gullible. I don’t know where he works or his educational background.

According to his friend Toby Jacks, in the last year he had an accident requiring medical attention and a fire in his home. Kenneth also had or has a serious health issue the extent of which I do not know. Kenneth’s friends such as Norbert Pendleton will only say it is being treated and he is improving. Kenneth’s friends and associates tend to be very protective of him.

As for his letters, he sends them all over the world. I know this for a fact because I have received e-mail inquiries from Germany, England, Spain, Australia and Japan seeking information.

I do not know why he writes his letters but his friends tell me he does not own a telephone or have regular access to the internet so he must write letters and cards to communicate.

I have read his letters because his recipients send me scans, and in my opinion I believe that he believes everything he writes about.

I know this won’t answer everyone’s questions but I hope it helps.



Forestville resident Toby Jacks electrocuted

February 28, 2010

Image swiped from Mr. Jacks Facebook page, per his permission.

Forestville resident Toby Jacks was electrocuted yesterday at his mother’s home while adjusting some electrical wires.  He was released from the hospital early this morning.  According to his mother he is home resting comfortably. 

This is the latest in a long line of injuries for Mr. Jacks.  You may remember that he was struck by lightning while jousting with Kenneth Snipps in the field behind Green Hills School two years ago.  And last year Toby broke his coccyx when he fell off the roof of his mother’s home. 

Mr. Jacks is a member of the Save the Forestville Sasquatch movement, a group of local residents that believe there is a Bigfoot creature residing in the village of Forestville during the summer and early fall.  In addition, he is a member of the Forestville Polar Bear Club. 

We wish Toby a safe recovery.

A tough day for Toby Jacks

Around the Village Today – New Year’s Eve Celebration in Forestville!

December 7, 2008

Around the Village Today


Today, snow likely with the Temperature around 32.  Northwest winds around 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.


Winter is here. 


New Year’s Eve Celebration in Forestville

new-years-in-forestvilleIn the mail yesterday I received my invitation to John and Barbara Deavers’ annual New Years Party.  All of Forestville’s high society should be there.  Did you get yours? 


Lightning Update


My story last week that Kenneth Snipps and Norbert Pendleton were struck by lightning may be wrong, well one part of it.  I received several e-mails stating it was Snipps and Toby Jacks (not Norbert Pendleton) that were in fact hit with a lightning strike.  Those with intimate knowledge of this story have not been available for comment.  I will keep trying.