Power Outage at Boardman

December 17, 2016


The electricity went out at the offices of Boardman when a


Lack of Snow Democrats Fault

January 24, 2016
Is this the democrats fault too?

Obama, Malloy et al. to blame?

While parts of the eastern seaboard suffered through blizzard conditions Friday and Saturday, Forestville picked up roughly 5 inches of snow, leaving many residents disappointed.

The mayor, however, blamed the moderate snowfall on the democrats. “Everyone had a blizzard but we only get five inches? What a gyp! How come cool stuff like that don’t happen here?” he quipped, according to a guy who said he heard it. “All you have to do is look outside and see a lack of snow and know it is the democrats fault,” he remarked.

The mayor also said unwed mothers; poor radio reception, itchy feet, missed foul shots, As Seen On TV products, and anyone that falls into a gorilla pen is the democrats fault too.

Darn Democrats.

Darn Democrats.

Now this…


Snow Today

January 23, 2016
Is there any food remaining?

Will there be anything left on the shelves?

Three to eight inches of snow is predicted today for Forestville so residents are rushing to grocery stores and gas stations seeking provisions.

News of the snow startled everyone as they seemed unsure of its origins. Panic stricken citizens crazily bum rushed the streets early this morning making frantic calls to neighbors, friends and loved ones in preparation.

As recently as last winter, snow fell from the sky too, and residents watched in horror as a seemingly endless parade of snowflakes came from above.

Scientists say snow appears in the form of flakes and falls from clouds when the air temperature on the ground is less than 32 Fahrenheit.

Interestingly enough scientists assure Forestville residents that despite the anticipated accumulations the snow will begin to melt when the temperature goes above 32 Fahrenheit.