Forestville resident Makes Bold World Series Prediction: Yankees win in 6

October 28, 2009

2009 World Sereis Logo

Here is how I see the 2009 World Series.

Starting Lineups: Close but a two hundred and fifty million dollar payroll buys a lot.

Advantage Yankees

Starting Pitching: After Cliff Lee who do the Phillies have, Pedro?  Despite what he did versus the Dodgers I am not convinced.

Advantage Yankees

Bullpen: One word, Mariano

Advantage: Yankees

Bench: Joe Girardi has no reason to use his bench other than when they are in a National League ballpark because they have an all-star at almost every position.

Advantage: Phillies

Manager: Charlie Manuel is no Dick Williams but Joe Girardi?  Please, he likes to play with his toys too much.  He manages a game like he has to prove how smart he is. 

Advantage: Phillies

Intangibles: The Phillies seem to find a way to win.

Advantages: Phillies

Umpires: Not even close.  There will be several bad calls and certainly a few controversial ones.  As a result, somehow and someway the Yankees will get more calls their way.

Advantage: Yankees

Series MVP: Jorge Posada. 

With all the silliness of him catching or not catching, I believe he will have a great series. Plus he is a switch hitter. Besides although I am no fan of the team from New York, I like Posada.

Bottom Line: Yankees in 6.

Question: Which is worse?  A whiney Red Sox fan or a spoiled, obnoxious Yankees fan? 

Answer: I’ll let you know when the series is over.