Hello Winter Storm Albert! Welcome to Forestville.

December 20, 2009

Center Street around 4:30 today, prior to your arrival

Winter Storm Albert, welcome to Forestville!  We have been expecting you.  I believe you will find our industrial looking village very accommodating.  

Forestville is located in the southeastern section of Bristol, Connecticut, and borders the town of Plainville.  While here you should visit the antique shops on Center Street, and the eating establishments on Pine Street. 

Speaking of Pine Street, you must check out Pine Lake for recreational purposes. There is a challenge course in the back and there are reports of a ghost in the woods along the lake. Enjoy.  

If you seek adventure, you have come to the right place.  Forestville has several taverns in the west end of the village (they actually might be in Bristol but let’s keep that between us), but don’t drink and drive because we have a full service police department.  And we have a dominatrix as well. Oh yeah!

One more thing, we might even have a Sasquatch!  I am not kidding.  The rumor is that he lives under Nuchie’s Restaurant on the Pequabuck River. Personally I believe this proves my point about drinking and driving in Forestville. But what the heck there are those that swear to it. If nothing else you check out his area along the river.

And because you are only visiting, it would be appreciated if you limited your destruction.  We have a Blight Committee and they do not take kindly to unsightly and unkempt areas.

Well, I hate to say it but I must run because I need to rest up for all that shoveling I will have to do later on this morning.  So, enjoy your stay you big lug.


Winter Storm Update

December 20, 2009

Current conditions

Snow began falling in Forestville around 9:30 PM.  A wind gust of 30 MPH was reported earlier this evening near the Little League complex. The precipitation is expected to fall at 1 to 3 inches per hour during the night.

Forestville Braces for Winter Storm

December 19, 2009

The center of town today around noon.

 The village of Forestville is bracing for winter storm Albert.  A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for the entire state of Connecticut. Forestville can expect to see 10 to 14 inches of snow between tonight and daybreak tomorrow. Road conditions will be treacherous as parts of Connecticut will approach blizzard conditions. 

Forestville residents busied themselves earlier today with their various affairs as the storm approached.  The center of town was busy as expected as was the Stop & Shop on Pine Street. Snow blowers could be heard throughout Forestville’s neighbhoods warming up for their first performance of the winter.

More later.